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Money in the bank (via direct deposit).

At Indeed, you’ll be paid at the end of each month. However, if you start employment at the end of the month, you may have to wait until the next month to be paid your monthly salary.

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Klesia - statutory pension

Prepare yourself for retirement.

Indeed provides employees with a statutory pension provided through Klesia. Indeedians pay their statutory contributions through their payroll taxes.  

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Transport Allowance

Getting to work by public transport is made easier with our Transport Allowance!

Indeed will pay 50% of your weekly, monthly or annual individual subscription (tramway, train, metro, bike) and you will pay 50% of the cost of each month through payroll. For Navigo monthly and weekly subscriptions, the same rule applies. The price of a standard all areas monthly subscription is €75.20. However, the prices will vary each year in line with annual increases set by the RATP. You will receive this benefit from your first month in Indeed as long as you upload a copy of your transport subscription receipt to Indeed Benefits Team.

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Long-Term Incentives

Share Indeed's success!

Indeed’s long-term incentive structure has two goals: 

  • Provide employees with a meaningful opportunity to receive a long-term incentive award 
  • Align the interests of Indeed employees with Indeed’s stakeholders.

The details of the long-term incentive award are outlined in employment offer letters and our helpful Talent Attraction team will assist you with any questions. 

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