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Medical & Dental

Head, shoulders, knees and toes (and mouth).

Group Hospital & Surgical, Outpatient Clinical, Outpatient Specialist and Dental cover is available for Indeed employees and their families, including legal spouse, partner and children. The Indeed policy allows employees to attend Aetna panel GPs and panel dental clinics to obtain cashless treatment by presenting their membership card to the clinic. For employees not wishing to utilise panel clinics, the policy also provides some support for employees for non-panel GP or non-panel dentist visits by way of reimbursement. Non-panel Dentist reimbursements are defined by a schedule of benefits according to the category of treatment.

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Comprehensive Healthcare coverage for you and your family

  • Medical: includes generous inpatient, day patient, emergency care & diagnostics policy, outpatient policy (co-pay up to agreed limits), maternity and wellness
  • Worldwide coverage: (excluding the US) aligned with the above medical
  • Dental: included in medical coverage, as per benefits schedule

Benefits Effective Dates

We've got you covered!

Cover is effective from your hire date.

Comprehensive Welfare Coverage

Comprehensive Welfare Coverage

  • Group Term Life Insurance Covers is designed to provide you with a monthly income if you are unable to work due to death, Total & Permanent Disability.
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance provides you with a monthly income if you are unable to work due to death, total & permanent disability & dismemberment.

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Please note that eligibility for the mentioned benefits may differ depending on employment status.

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