US Company Holidays

Take the day off. Everybody’s doing it.

New Year’s Day  

Martin Luther King Jr. Day  

Memorial Day


Independence Day 

Labor Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving (2 days)

Christmas (2 days)

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Paid Time Off

Your time off is an open book — what stories will you tell?

Indeed offers you open Paid Time Off (PTO) as part of your benefits and perks package. That’s right! Open Paid Time Off to enjoy with friends and family! We trust you to manage your time off. As long as it doesn’t negatively impact your productivity, your team, or the business, there is no cap on how much time you can take off. You’ll just need your manager’s approval in advance for any time off requests.

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Parental Leave

Putting aside time for your little plus one.

We want to support you in the early stages of bonding with your child. Primary caregivers can take 16 weeks of fully-paid leave with a return transition period. Secondary caregivers can take 6 weeks of fully-paid leave. Talk to your manager if you anticipate any parental leave care needs after you start at Indeed.

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Backup Care

Rainy day care for your loved ones.

Indeedians with dependents have access to up to 15 annual days of backup family care. This includes center-based child care at $15 per child per day or $25 per family per day. In-home care is $6 per hour for elders and children. We also provide access to a database of nannies and sitters for evening and weekend care, elder care resources, assistance with pet sitting, and more. You’ll be able to register and reserve care on your first day at Indeed.

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